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If all your travels have always met your expectations, we would simply like to say that “you have never tried anything new”. An experience is when some thing is exceeding your expectation. Every new dimension you explore is your new story to be written. What does it mean? How is it related to travel consumers? A quote by famous film maker Shekhar Kapur makes it simpler to understand:

“ Everything is a story. Faith, science, religion, politics even what we call facts are stories. As it changes, it just becomes a different story “

About us

neverendingstorys is a travel narration site founded by Sandeep Sinha . Born in Jharkhand Sandeep,s passion for travel was kindled by his father who provided him books on destinations (TIME books) like Delhi, Moscow, Budapest, Berlin, New York during his early childhood.

His education across the country took him to Varanasi , Andhra Pradesh, Bihar, Delhi and Maharashtra . This exposed him to various cross culture environments. Covering thousands of kilometres by trains the journeys took him to various nook and corners of the subcontinent . This gave him a lot of insight into people’s lives, traditions, livelihood ,festivals ,environment and society by and large.

Sandeep specialised in Tourism Management from Aurangabad (Maharashtra) ..This way he got exposed to Tourism as a discipline . He undertook studies in cave architecture and History of Art at the world famous Ajanta caves. ( Sponsored by Ann Arbor University USA). His passion for Handicrafts , Colors , Architecture , were further enhanced by interacting with the founders of INTACH . During his work as Sales Manager with Thomas Cook he got several opportunities to represent the company at various international and national travel forums. This also made him visit countries across the globe.

Sandeep has a huge experience ( 25years ) in Tourism business . Has worked in all the branches of Travel (Groups, FIT, MICE, Incentives and so on ) . For the last ten years he has been working with several local communities across India bringing authentic and immersive holiday experiences to his customers .

He strongly believes in the Concepts of community based tourism . (Tourism FOR the community and BY the community) His honest approach to pricing and an eye for excellence has earned him trust from thousands of travelers world over.


Experience Rajasthan-Land of kings in its royal splendor. Whether you stay in a Royal Palace or a mansion or in a village you feel the lingering royalty ever. Rajasthanis are certainly the most beautiful people in the world: bronze of skin, well chiseled cheek base, and beautiful eyes that glint like swords in the sun. We will take you to story circuit of Rajasthan . Sufism and songs. Folk traditions and of course the colors of Rajasthan!!

3rd highest peak in the world dominates the skyline of Sikkim. Original residents are Lepchas. Sikkim is also referred as Happy House in the local language. Visit the monasteries of Rumtek and Pelling are fascinating centers of Buddhism. Sikkim is also synomonous with Orchids and Rhododendrons.A perfect destination for trekkers. Travel up north to Lachung . Experience the Himalayas in its full totality!!

The further you uncover the past of India the further you extend the frontiers of the mind. .From the earliest times Indian mind has explored ways of extending the horizons of consciousness & perception. We will take you to communities who have been practising the various forms of art without any real attachment. The Guru and Shishya parampara. Dances, poetry still thrive in the small lanes, in temple festivals or at a tomb of Sufi saint. Handicrafts tours showcase the real colours that will blind you!!

Today Kerala exhibits the best minds in the field of art and paintings.. The annual art Biennale held in Fort Kochi has brought the best of Malyalam literature and art to the world. Visit North Kerala for peace where you will find the quietist beaches. Folk traditions and art forms are visible in the River Nila region of Kerala. You may travel on our monsoon circuit of Kerala. Backwaters, Ayurveda are all synomonous of Kerala

Visit the Chennai museum where Lord Shiva can be seen in the cosmic dancing pose.. the Nataraja.. Chennai is the gateway of South India .Driving past the great temple towns of Tanjore, Madurai ,Kumbakonam and Gangaikondacholpuram one can imagine the royalty of the Cholas, and Pallava kingdoms.. Take a Toy train to Coonoor ,chugging past the tea Estates. The Todas tribes in NIlgiris have their own distinct culture. Drive past the Coromandal coast visiting the silk centres of India ,& the dance schools !!

India is well known all over the world as a country of cultural and traditional festivals as it has many cultures and religions. One can enjoy the festival celebration in India every month. As it is a secular country full of diversity in the religions, languages, cultures and castes, it is always crowded with the people involved in the fairs and festivals celebration. People from each religion have their own cultural and traditional festivals. Some of the festivals are celebrated by the people of all religions in the entire nation. Each and every festival is celebrated uniquely in different ways according to the rituals,

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